Redis Cluster Features

Reddie's got your back

Scale out your cluster

Scaling up your cluster's memory and compute resources is easy. No downtime required! Just drag and drop nodes to add to the cluster. Then rebalance hash slot ownership.

Visualize whole clusters

See CPU, RAM and network statistics across your whole cluster at a glance in real-time.

Develop Lua scripts

Prototype Redis Lua scripts with the script editor. Test your code using key hash tags against a live Redis cluster.

Switch node roles

Did redis-trib leave a master and slave on the same host? Don't worry! Change node relationships with a simple drag and drop.


Need to restart a host for patching? Want a master to relinquish its duties for any other reason? Start a failover to promote a slave at any time.

Debug your code

Use the Cluster monitor to debug your code that uses Redis Cluster. You can see all commands being executed across your entire cluster.