Introducing Reddie

August 9, 2017

Powerful Redis Cluster companion app available now

Portland, OR – August 9, 2017 The Department of Stuff & Things, etc. releases beta version of first product Reddie, a companion app to open-source database Redis Cluster.

Redis, the popular NoSQL database first released in 2009, recently introduced Redis Cluster; a horizontally-scalable, fault-tolerant mode. Redis Cluster gives you the power to shard your data across multiple servers for performance and reliability, but in turn carries significantly higher effort in set up, management, monitoring and administration. Reddie takes the edge off working with Redis Cluster.

Reddie is a user-friendly, time-saving app that gives you full control over your Redis clusters. Visualize the state of your clusters, reconfigure them instantly with no downtime, or scale out to handle increasing demand. Reddie makes it a breeze.

On the inspiration for Reddie, creator Adam Price said, “I’ve built many products using Redis Cluster and loved every minute. But, there are some rough edges when it comes to managing clusters. I created Reddie to ease the burden, to address the lack of tooling for Redis Cluster, and to bring this great technology within reach of everyone.”

Available in Pro, Basic and Free editions, any Redis user will find Reddie indispensable. Delivered as a Docker container, getting started with Reddie is a snap.

Head over to to find out more or try it for yourself in a real, live demo.

About The Department of Stuff & Things, etc.

The Department of Stuff & Things, etc., based in Portland, OR and founded in 2016, creates solutions that focus on enhancing your abilities by combining technology and design. We make Reddie, the Redis Cluster Companion App, which seeks to make Redis Cluster effortless and accessible to all.

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