What are Reddie's System Requirements?

Reddie is delivered as a Docker container that serves a web application. You access it using a browser.

Browser requirements

The Reddie Single-page Application is an advanced browser-based interactive client. Mobile browsers are not currently supported.

Your browser must have javascript and local storage enabled.

Supported browser versions

Google Chrome: 60

Mozilla Firefox: 54

Apple Safari: 10.1

Microsoft Edge: 15

Server requirements

Any platforms that support Docker are supported by Reddie. This includes most Linux distributions, Mac OSX and Microsoft Windows.

Before installing Reddie, first install Docker according to the official documentation for the platform you are using.

Hardware requirements

Reddie’s resource usage grows relative to the number of Redis nodes connected. The host running the Reddie container should have enough hardware resources for the size of your Redis clusters.


  • Recommended - 2vCPUs, 2GHz+


  • Minimum - 1GB
  • Recommended - 2GB+

Storage space

  • Recommended - 8GB+

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