Licensing Reddie

The Reddie licensing page is available via the view license link in the top nav bar.

Example license information
Example license information

Information about your current instance of Reddie is available along with the license currently applied.

Login with your account Login with your account

Import license key Import a license key you copied from the my account page

If Reddie has internet access, you can use the Login with your account button to retrieve a new license using your credentials.

If no internet access is available, you can copy and paste a license key to unlock Reddie.

Your license key is all that is needed to unlock Reddie, keep it safe!

Upgrading your license

If you have upgraded to pro or basic, and want to apply your new license, simply refresh the license.

Refresh license from

License validation

Reddie licenses have an expiration date equal to the end of the current paid for term. If Reddie finds that your license has expired, it will automatically retrieve a new license given that your account is in good standing. If Reddie cannot successfully obtain a new license, for example it does not have internet access, you will need to obtain and import a new license key.

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