Health checks

Reddie will occasionally evaluate health checks on its connected clusters and nodes.

Successful health check
Successful health check

Any issues discovered by Reddie will be displayed when hovering over the status icon.

Failed health check
Failed health check

Re-evaluate the health check

Node health checks

Reddie will evaluate the status of each node and display warnings if:

  • Any peers of the node have been marked as failed
  • Any of the 16,384 slots of the cluster aren’t currently covered
  • The snapshot failed to write to disk
  • The append-only file failed to write or rewrite
  • The master has no replication slaves
  • Replication from a master has failed
  • Replication to slaves has failed

Cluster health checks

Reddie will also evaluate the state of the cluster as a whole and display a warning if:

  • Any of the members of the cluster disagree on the current slot ownership

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