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Real-time chat with Redis Streams

docker docker-compose redis-unstable github streams typescript rxjs angular

This article is an exploration of as-yet-unreleased Redis Streams which unlock some powerful use cases. We’ll leverage Streams to build an end to end example of real-time chat rooms (think Hipchat, Slack or IRC). On Github Check it out on github: Redis Streams Redis Streams are a new data structure being developed for Redis that is all about time series data. They are similar to Redis Lists but with two major differences:

Posted by Adam at April 10, 2018

A Redis Cluster of any size using Docker Compose and Redis 4.0 port-forwarding

docker docker-compose redis4 github

Redis 4.0 hit its first “general availability” release recently and with it a long awaited Redis Cluster feature for Docker users: NAT/port-forwarding support. It’s finally possible to run Redis Cluster using Docker’s ephemeral ports. Now you can run Redis Clusters on Docker without needing to use host-mode networking or statically assigned ports. tl;dr Redis Cluster 4.0 brings Docker network encapsulation support allowing for more dynamic deployments. $ git clone https://github.

Posted by Adam at September 7, 2017

Welcome to the Reddie beta!

beta release

We’re proud to announce the release of the Reddie beta! Throughout the beta period, all Reddie account holders will receive Pro edition for no charge. Please use the time to get acquainted with Reddie and let us know how you like it! What is Reddie? Reddie is a Redis Cluster management app. It gives you full control over your Redis clusters. Visualize the state of your clusters, reconfigure them instantly with no downtime, or scale out to handle increasing demand.

Posted by Adam at August 17, 2017